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Aug. 23rd, 2012 12:15 am
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Basado en: Vocaloid Headcanon y Ask Kagamine Len
Escrito originalmente: 19 de Enero de 2012 en una conver con Hikusa XD.
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But bloggers can steal whatever they want xDDD.

[livejournal.com profile] hikusa_rgx months ago made a Vocaloid BlogCrew and well, today someone found this:

The image says "Hi, you can download the files uploaded here, respect the things made by me,  PLAGIARIZE AND YOU WILL SUFFER >.<'"<---- What....

The rest is not important BUT the Hatsune Miku's icon that she uses to say that  WAS MADE by Hikusa!! I mean, we should respect the things made by the blog's owner but she does not give credits for the icons she uses?

At the end of the text box says " ALL OF THIS IS KOKONE MIKU'S PROPERTY" <-- What?! the Miku icon was not made by her... WTF? But she said those are things she found on Internet... Waw o.ó that Copyright's Laws are messed indeed.

Also, that Vocaloid Blogcrew is made by Hikusa also the icons for the Blogcrew -obviously Vocaloid is no her property but the icons are-.  If I read correctly she asked to join the blogcrew and asked the Mikuo's icon not the Miku's one. She never asked permision for to use it to other things besides the blogcrew and also she says "DON'T PLAGIARIZE!".

I'm not against she uses the icon (and I don't think Hikusa would not give her permision if she asked for it) BUT at least she should give CREDIT for the things she "FINDS" on Internet.

If she says that she found it on Twitter I think I'm going to kill her XD. Hikusa used the Miku icon ALSO for a TwitterCrew and the Miku's one is mine. In DA Rina chan also uses the Miku's icon with Hikusa's approval -since is the Icon family of DA-.

Funny enough, Wrong World is Wrong indeed.
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Traducción en inglés: [link]

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¿ Y el mundo pensaba que Len saldría bien librado en el nuevo Project DIVA ?



Aug. 15th, 2009 02:32 pm
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[Créditos: Izumi Ichikawa]


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[Credits to: [profile] takeit_home ]


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[Créditos: Izumi Ichikawa ]

Len & Miku Version:
[CLARO! Me encanta Cendrillon pero no iba a quedarme sin la versión de Len y Miku ]
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIC7UMbK3sY <--- otra versión del FMV pero bleh, manía mia xD. Me traumé con esa canción XD... Y Kasu es testigo de que andaba ranteando lo que dice la tradu en una parte porque a la hora de la adaptación suena curioso.
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Me he dado cuenta de algo...

Mis dos traumas principales son de lo más obvio que existe XDDD.

Trauma principal número 1: Tales of

Trauma principal número 2: Vocaloid

Y eso que sólo ando acomodando tags de mi LJ porque seh, hay unos tan épicos como "quiero tacos al pastor con salsaaa" XD que ni al caso xDDDD.

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